Who Crows There?



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 Sign up for email updates here! 9 x 12″ TWO-COLOR BLOCK PRINTS, printed on heavyweight printmaking paper. Around the world, crows symbolize adaptability, cleverness, intelligence, cooperation, reciprocity, transformation, and even psychic abilities. All I know is that they’re super smart and social birds who work together. “Who Crows There?” is a linocut celebrating on of our favorite corvids, the American Crow. ARTWORK By Artist/Studio Name. Designed with love by Brian Fritz. 
 Ships within three days. Copyright 2024+ Brian Fritz Art and Design. WHO IS BRIAN FRITZ? Hi! My name is Brian Fritz and I’m an artist and printmaker based in Michigan. I make nature-themed art, specializing in birds, bikes, and landscapes. I’ve been making art as long as I’ve been alive, but I’ve been making art professionally and sharing it since about 2014 ️ MORE HAND-PRINTED ART HERE ↝ TECHNICAL DETAILS ↜ These prints are 9 x 12 two-color linocut prints made with heavyweight printmaking paper, Falling in Art carving vinyl, and Blick water-based inks. NOTE **Printing by hand can occasionally be unpredictable and some editions may have slight imperfections or areas where the ink gets a little patchy, especially with water-based inks. However, as an artist, I would never ship a print to a customer that doesn’t meet my standards. If you have any questions, comments or concerns please feel free to reach out as I would be happy to assist! ↝ YOUR ART ORDER INCLUDES ↜ A 9 x 12″ two-color block print on white heavyweight printmaking paper. ↝ INSTRUCTIONS FOR PURCHASE ↜ After your payment clears with Brian Fritz Fine Art and Printmaking, the art will be packaged and shipped to your specified address. Please allow for standard shipping times for your location worldwide. Orders ship from your city here. SOCIAL MEDIA ↜
Instagram: www.instagram.com/brianleefritz Facebook: www.facebook.com/brianleefritz

 © COPYRIGHT 2024+ / Brian Fritz Art and Design Enjoy! Thanks for visiting. – Brian

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