Helen the Guineahen



This is a cute 6×6″ marker and ink portrait of a Helmeted Guineahen on high-quality cold-press watercolor paper. Years ago, a couple of guineahens got out from a neighbor’s year and ran around our end of town all Summer. We named them Helen and Julie. They stared into the window and chatted with the cat often. We left oats out for them to munch on. I do hope they found their way home. This one is for you, Helen. And I’ll paint you soon, Julie. <3 The piece itself is ink outlines with prismacolor marker coloring and a quick colored pencil background. Helen looks at you quizzically. But if this one doesn't fly your fancy, please feel free to check out my birds of other feathers at www.etsy.com/shop/brianleefritz and follow me @brianleefritz on Instagram.


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